What's a "Colonial" anyways?

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Anonymous asked: Do people really just "hook up" at gw like there aren't any real relationships?

Yes, sustainable, healthy, long-term, gooey, grossly sweet, happy, all that jazz relationships are possible at GW. (Sigh) Well actually…cough…confession time….despite my efforts (as displayed by this blog) and my militant feminism/ethical credo, I in fact have a boyfriend. A long term one too (shocking I know); like it’s gonna be six month this month (wut creeeeeeepy lol I know #help #how_do_I_relationshit?). How did this happen to me?! Well I just was me: I met my boyfriend through another hookup buddy and I think it was a the best impulsive decision I’ve ever made to invite him and her over for a kickback. He ended up asking for my number and it kinda just happened from there because I decided he was kind and genuine and therefore worth my time. So be yourself and you’ll find that person(s) because yes it is overplayed and uber cheesy, but being yourself will guarantee you that the person who wants you will want the real, whole you. So yeah, I am still crazy as fuck (peruse the blog for reference) and that won’t change no matter who I am relationshitting with at the time hahaha. And still, I  found someone worth my time, in my own time, and I’m so thankful and happy for that all the time (wasn’t that a cute line? God kill me). I know I’m not a lucky exception because I’ve seen this same thing play out with tons of other people: good things come to those who are themselves completely and are willing to put themselves and their happiness first. You do you and someone will definitely want you, the real balls out crazy you because that person is kickass and isn’t going anywhere but awesome places. With that disgustingly hopeful and gooey ending, keep sending in the questions, comments, and ideas my fellow colonials! Keep being weird kiddies.

fuckyeahmozzarella asked: Hey, so I never had a tumblr but I check out your blog a few times anyway. I saw you mention the cheese club a few times and I wanted to get some more info on it so I created a cheese appreciation blog just to ask you how I could join the club.

CHEESE CLUB! What a magical thing is was indeed. Unfortunately, due to GW funding running out and the escalation of sophomore workloads, the club of ten original members disbanded and gone underground. If news of this organization surfaces, I will alert through these channels. Happy cheese-ing out! (If you want to make a new one: DO IT!)

dreamsofavagabond asked: Your blog is what keeps reassuring me about applying early decision at GW. I'm so freaking pumped. Raise high Buff and Blue.

Yay! Good luck to you and everyone applying to college this year! No matter where you go, know that you’ll find the place that is right for you. Hopefully I’ll see you around campus! 

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Anonymous asked: I was just accepted to GWU, it's my top pick but I was wondering what's drug culture like over there? I saw you have alot of posts amount smoking is it a really bad drug school or...?

GW is like any American college: if you want all the drugs, you’ll find all the drugs. The most accessible drug is weed and you’ll find the occasional molly/ecstasy or acid dealer if you look around a bit. I’ve only come up empty on one drug quest: in my experience, shrooms have been incredibly difficult to find on this coast, so if you know or find anyone for those hmu haha. And that is the extent of the general scene and my knowledge due to the fact that I don’t want or seek anything else. Yes, you can find cocaine or “harder drugs” if you want, but I have no idea why you’d ever want to try that stuff due to their heinous longterm effects. Now let me be honest with you: DC isn’t your home state where you know the local cops’ lookouts and that’s enough to blaze safely. This is the district, specifically Foggy Bottom, which is crawling with GWUPD, MPD, secret service, FBI, you-name-it-federal-pigs and what could be just a slap on the wrist or a misdemeanor in your state will most likely be a felony or worse here. My friend got caught and almost charged by the Forest Service because he was blazing on Roosevelt Island which is tactically a National Park. So know the laws and assess which one you’re willing to break, plan your trips and adventures well, be smart about who you trust with your drug history, and be all the safe when you try drugs. Have fun and probably see you while I’m blazing up foggy dude!  

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